Tuesday, April 23, 2013

9:14 AM
Chris Gayle 30 Balls Fastest Century 175 Runs Video vs Pune Warriors Highlights IPL 6 2013
Chris Gayle 30 Balls magic run shots he scored the fastest Century in the T20 format of the IPL 6 but its an Indian Premier league and he is well managed batsman for the team now days for the Royal Challangers there is just 6 and 4 coming from this bat and he scored his run upto the 175 .

Chris Gayle 30 Balls 100 Runs is an other record held now and a team with better performance his team scored total of the 263 runs will this be enough from him may be not because there is allot of games that he has to play .

Chris Gayle totally out standing today as he scored 13 fours and 17 sixes in one match to show that there is allot of talent has been left behind this man . Watch the video of the Top Class sixes and fours that have been scored by the Westen Indies player.


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