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Monday, April 29, 2013

World Top 10 Richest Tennis Players of 2013 List

World Top 10 Richest Tennis Players of 2013 List  
We know how much money is involved in the one Tennis event and yes there are players who win this money as winning price gift . There is a huge list of some tennis players who earned allot but we will focus here the best top 10 players of the Tennis .

1) Roger Federer : Mens Tennis Player :
The Swiss player Roger Federer has got a huge amount of fanbase data , he has achive allot in the tennis field the 31 year old belong from Switzerland has endorsed number of products headnshoulder , Gillete , and a watches , and earn allot from these companies.

Name : Roger Federer
Country : Switzerland
Age : 31 Year Old
Wealth : 140 Million $
2) Maria Sharapova : Women Tennis Player :
The Russian super tennis girl has earned allot of money through her own brand Sugarpova but the major she got from her talent in the tennis winning titles and endorsed for the companies make her a rich Tennis girl.

Name : Maria Sharapova
Country : Russia
Age : 26 Year Old
Wealth : 90 Million $
Own Brand : Sugarpova
3) Serena Williams : WTA Tennis Player :
5 Times champion Serena Williams leading the list of 2013 richest tennis player at number 3rd position she has been the best and won most of the women titles and her next will be the Roland Garros . Well She also earns allot from the tennis .

Name : Serena Williams
Country : United States
Age : 31 Year Old
Wealth : 85 Million $
4) Venus Williams : WTA Tennis Player
An other US National tennis player a great time she spent on the Tennis field and win allots of the trophy she got a huge prize of money which increase her Wealth with limtless edition . She is one of the Williams sisters Venus William.

Name : Venus Williams
Country : United States
Age : 33 Year Old
Wealth : 81 Million $
5) Rafael Nadal : Men Tennis Player
The Clay master and the best four hand shot player from the Spain Rafael Nadal is looking pretty awsome from the starting of his career he has won most big events in Which French Open , Wimbledon , and US Open titles are included he reached allot of the advetisments and get allot from them.

Name : Rafael Nadal
Country : Spain
Age : 26 Year Old
Wealth : 50 Million $
6) Andy Murray : Mens Tennis Player
Andy Murry the Scottish National player who really linked to the better to tennis has won the Gold Medal at London Games 2013 and Winning Wimbledon has made him some of the Strongest Tennis player he is always a challange to the Rafael Nadal , Roger Federer , and Djokovic .

Name : Andy Murray
Country : Scotland
Age : 25 Year Old
Wealth : 38 Million $
7) Novak DjokovicMens Tennis Player
If we talk about number one player in the Tennis then there is the name of the Novak Djokovic who has really improved his performances in the past few months and looking to get well results from the upcoming Roland Garros French Open 2013 .

Name : Novak Djokovic
Country : Serbia
Age : 25 Year Old
Wealth : 306 Million $
8) Li Na - WTA Tennis Player
The Chinese Tennis lady aged 30 but still a sucessfull tennis player and giving tough time to her opponents she made a good wealth of the 18.5 millions $ and still playing hard to make it more on the spot.

Name : Li Na
Country : China
Age : 30 Year Old
Wealth : 18.6 Million $
9) Caroline Wozniacki : WTA Tennis Player
Caroline Wozniacki one of the most talked female player in tennis and looking to develope the best performance in the past upcoming matches she has been looking to get titles and her next is the Roland Garros French Open 2013.

Name : Caroline Wozniacki
Country : Denmark
Age : 30 Year Old
Wealth : 14.6 Million $
10 ) Ana Ivanovic - WTA Tennis Player
An other Serbian in the list but this time its Female and one of the Beauty queens of the Tennis Ana Ivanovic has not winning too much but when she start her career she started with the listed trophy series she is one of the biggest competitiors do have Serena Williams , Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams.

Name : Ana Ivanovic
Country : Serbia
Age : 25 Year Old
Wealth : 14.6 Million $

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