Sunday, May 5, 2013

2:07 PM
Chelsea vs Benfica Lisbon Live Stream Uefa Cup Final 2013 Ao Vivo - 15 May 2013
Suprise for the every football fan when the team of the Chelsea struggle hard but out of the Champions League but they never lose hope and makes to the final of the Uefa Cup 2013 against the Portugese football team . Well some how its a difficult game to suggest but what ever the team of the Chelsea is hopefull that they will win the Uefa Cup trophy this time .

Chelsea has come from hard to hard situation this season and they have made huge number of changes during this run of the football and after all the struggles get more fantastic and important and they have moved to the final place through Lamparad , Terry , Mata , Ivanovic , Eden Hazard performances .

At this moment of the Football season we can not say that the team of the Benfica Lisbon is an easy side for the Chelsea , Cardzo one of the keyplayers to watch in the Final he made allots of appearance for team . Well there is allot of players who will create difference one of them is Pablo Aimar , Edurado Slivia and may others .

The final will be played in the Netherlands in the Ajax Amsterdam Arena , the Stadium of the dreams , where the turf is getting connected with players . You can watch the final match between the team of the Chelsea and Benfica live here right before it will be kickoff.

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