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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chelsea vs FC Basel Live Stream Uefa Cup 2nd Leg - 2 May 2013 Semi Final

Watch Chelsea vs Basel Live Streaming Uefa Cup 2nd Leg - 2 May 2013
Chelsea have a big game against the team of the FC Basel but they do have 1 goal advantage the team of the Chelsea are really confirmed for the final place to play at Amsterdam Arena for the Final against the Fenerbhace or Benfica Lisbon . FC Basel has away game they have defeat Man Utd but blues are different from the Man Utd.

Chelsea are hopefull and they know how much will this win cost to them they are in the need to developed a good game they are looking totally ready for the match on this Friday , Frank Lamparad , Torres and Hazard are the three players to watch from this match .

Chelsea are one of the best sides and they know if they put up some good pressure they can make the lead more there allots of expection from David Luiz he is playing very well at the Moment for the team of the Chelsea will he make Chelsea an expirenced side on this Friday.

The Swiss club has not lose hope they are well known with Premier League teams performances and they know how to managed a team like Chelsea or Man utd or any so its going to be a tough time for the Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Watch the Friday game live when Chelsea the blues will host the Basel .

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