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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Luis Suraze Stay at Liverpool for Next Season says Steven Gerrard

Luis Suraze Choses to Stay at Liverpool for Next Season says Steven Gerrard
The most talk about player in the Premier League and the 2nd most goal scorer in the Premier League Luis Suraze will stay in the Premier League says the team skipper of Liverpool Steven Gerrard . Luis Suraze have a great season but a few dishonest things changed his profile at the club.

Luis Suraze has scored more then 20 goals this season for Liverpool in Premier League and he has been ban for ten games because of biting the Chelsea player . But what ever it is Liverpool fans and players want to see him in the team next season.

The 26 year old is awsome and looking to get better results this season he has made a great goals history now a days , but lets see what happens will he sign new contract with Liverpool or will another club is ready to incharge him for the upcoming season , Man City , Juventus , PSG , all were expecting to catch him in the transfer spot light .

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