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Friday, July 12, 2013

FC Porto vs Marseille Live Stream Friendly - 13 July 2013

FC Porto vs Marseille Live Stream Friendly - 13 July 2013
FC Porto the portugese side will play their big game of the Friendly season against the team of the French Ligue 1 Marseille it would be a huge match just like a Champions League draw . FC Porto has allots of things to prove this time and they have come with such type of team Management . Well there are some new faces we will see in Porto.

Its not a match its a war to win for the Portugal club , these two teams always share a great rivalry well there is a huge hope that the team of the FC Porto can dominate that match . They have signed some new players to the Squad.

Marseille a fully prepared French side for any competition is ready to began the winning battle against the opponents from the Portugal . It would be a good game to watch in the Friendlies this summer when two big giants come to face each other .

FC Porto vs Marseille : Preview 2013
Well its away game for the Portugal side Porto , but they know if they put a tough squad for the match they can damage the defence of the French side so all the way its a match to win for the both side , Marseille is equally strong to the Porto team lets find out who rules this game on the match day .
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